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Our Services

Crown Adjusting Group mission is to provide exceptional and comprehensive public adjusting services to homeowners and businesses in times of property damage or loss. We are committed to advocating for our clients and ensuring they receive fair compensation from insurance companies. With our expertise, integrity, and dedication, we strive to alleviate the stress and burden the claims process, allowing our clients to focus on rebuilding and moving forward. Call us today and let’s get CROWNED.

Partial Payments

In a case where the insurance company pays only a portion of the claim. We can make sure we recover more for you.

Denied Claims

If your damage claim for your home or business was denied, you’re not out of options. We can help you file an accurate revised claim to get the money you need for repairs.

Drain Lines

Common types of water damage that we adjust for your home and business include: flood, overflow, backups, leaky pipes and storm related catastrophe.

AC Leaks

In Florida, central air conditioners are extremely common. Replacing or repairing A/C units can be costly depending on the extent of the damages. We are here to assist you.

Hurricane & Wind

Natural disasters such as hurricanes and storms can produce severe winds causing massive damage to the property. We are experts handling these types of insurance claims.

Fire Damage

Home fires can be dangerous and cause destruction to your garage, floors, windows and doors. Your insurance company typically covers these types of damages.

Flood Damage

Tropical storms, hurricanes and coastal flooding are all important concerns for South Florida residents.


If you have mold growing in your home, it needs to be removed without delay, otherwise, it will grow and produce allergens, irritants and even toxic substances.

Commercial Damages

Commercial buildings such as condominiums, schools, hotels, and medical facilities can suffer damages, don’t worry we have our adjusters on your side.

Business Interruption

We fully analyze the damage and represent your business during your insurance claim for business income loss.

Vandalism and Theft

Thieves and vandals can devastate your home and cause serious property damage. Our Public Adjusters are ready to help you get the most out of your insurance claim.