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Meet Your Public Adjuster

Crown Adjusting Group mission is to provide exceptional and comprehensive public adjusting services to homeowners and businesses in times of property damage or loss. We are committed to advocating for our clients and ensuring they receive fair compensation from insurance companies. With our expertise, integrity, and dedication, we strive to alleviate the stress and burden the claims process, allowing our clients to focus on rebuilding and moving forward. Call us today and let’s get CROWNED.

My name is Tahina Pierre, and I have over five years of experience as a Paralegal  dealing with property insurance and litigation. During my time there, I handled various responsibilities such as policy review, client intake, filing insurance claims, coordinating claim inspections, and maintaining client communication for updates. I also took charge of submitting formal demands, negotiating settlements, and doing everything necessary to ensure successful claim maximization.

Through my work, I developed a strong desire to advocate wholeheartedly for my clients. This experience provided me with in-depth knowledge of the property insurance claims industry and taught me valuable lessons on how to provide better service. With this knowledge and confidence, I decided to take the initiative to become a licensed public adjuster, despite the challenges along the way. Now, I am ready to extend my assistance to a wider range of clients.

While I am here to serve clients from various demographics, I want to emphasize that as a woman in the public adjusting business, my priority is to ensure that women are represented to the fullest extent. I believe in the importance of diversity and representation in all industries, and I am committed to making sure that women’s needs are met and their voices are heard.

I am excited to embark on this new journey as a licensed public adjuster, and I am dedicated to providing exceptional service to all my clients. With my knowledge, determination, and focus on representation, I am confident in my ability to assist clients with their property insurance needs.